What makes the Shichonpoo special?

Shichonpoo puppies are also known as Teddy Bear dogs for their striking resemblance to a child's teddy bear. They are very popular for families and puppy parents of all walks of life.

Shichonpoo puppy

Shichonpoo Puppy Parents 

Shichonpoo puppies have the best of three breeds. Their Shichon mom is Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise. Shichons are fun-loving, outgoing, while also very cuddly. Their father is our Toy Poodle, Fergie. He gives his puppies their super smarts, sweet hearted personality, people pleasing, cuddle-bug tendency (and his amazing coat!).  

Our Shichonpoo puppies are quarter Shih Tzu, quarter Bichon Frise and half Toy Poodle.

Fergie, our Toy Poodle father

Fergie, our Toy Poodle father

Phebe, our Shichon mother  - Check out my Instagram feed below! :)

Phebe, our Shichon mother - Check out my Instagram feed below! :)

Beautiful Hypoallergenic Coats 

shichonpoo puppy

 Shichonpoos are very hypoallergenic teddy bear pups! Their amazing hypoallergenic coats are friendly for those of us who are allergy sufferers or have family members who usually must keep away from pets, and are extremely soft for cuddling! 


Bluebell Pup Shichonpoo puppies have parents that are 9lbs and 12 lbs. Their expected Shichonpoo adult size is 12-18 lbs. These pups are just small enough to be your lap dog but also the right size to romp around with your children or other larger dogs. 


Bluebell Pup Shichonpoo (Teddy Bear) puppies are outgoing yet cuddly, adventurous yet desiring to please Mom, sure to bring laughs yet also be the heartbeat of your life, love being the life of the party yet bring so much love into your home! 

Some reviews from our Bluebell Pup Shichonpoo parents:

" If every puppy is like LuElla, I'd get ten. I'm not just saying. This dog hit the genes jackpot. Her eyelashes. Someone remarked on her athleticism as well. And she is getting smarter by the day."

"Our trip home was long but he was great. George slept on my lap the entire way! Tuesday we saw our vet and he said he’s in excellent health. He gets his shots this coming Tuesday. He is such a good boy - sweet, loving, and affectionate. He’s learning “sit/stay,” and “come” pretty well. I am not training him with a crate or pads as I’m home. Our kitchen is his area and he knows where I hang his leash. He has started barking near it when he wants to go out - hooray! At night he sleeps next to my bed in the very small Richell Mobile Pen. He sleeps for nine hours with no accidents and wakes with the alarm clock. Thank you again for raising such a wonderful puppy."

To get a better feel for our Bluebell Pup Shichonpoos check our two of grown Shichonpoo puppies on their Instagram pages. Our Bluebell puppy moms are doing an amazing job capturing the love and joy of their Shichonpoo's. 

Our Phebe ( The girl with the big and bold hairdo and our Bluebell Pup Shichonpoo puppy mother ) is an Instagram star with over 2 thousand followers! She has lots of adventures and thoughts on life to share.