Callie's July 2018 Cavapoochon puppies

Callie's sweet Cavapoochon puppies are here! - Update! These puppies are grown and in their home sweet homes.

Callie's seven puppies were born May 4th. She had five boys and two girls.  These sweet puppies are now one week old.  Callie's puppies have a variety of shades and sizes. These puppies are expected to be 12-15 lbs, with two boys and one girl expected to go a few pounds over.  They will be ready for their forever homes around July 13th, their 10 week old birthday.

Our first 5 puppies are our boys and the last two are our girls.

cavapoochon puppies

Our five Cavapoochon puppy boys

Our two Cavapoochon puppy girls

cavapoochon puppy girl

This picture is from the night they were born...! Callie surprised us with her number and those beautiful markings!

These puppies will be priced between $4000-$4500.

On Friday morning May 18th, I will review all the request we get in and begin contacting each puppy parent-to-be in the order of our wait list and the date of contact.   I have included our first three names on our waitlist here, but there are many names after.  

Please click on the button to let us know if you are interested in reserving one of these sweet puppies.   We also expect one litter to be ready for their forever home in the Fall, and possibly three litters will be in the Winter. Because we raise our puppies in our home and have our parents dogs here as our personal family dogs, we are able to only raise a few litters a year. But this allows us to give each litter our whole hearts and undivided attention. :) Thank you for your patience as you wait to bring your puppy home! 

Making your $500 puppy reservation deposit will save your position on the list and ensure that your puppy comes home with you. We will start making matches at 4-8 weeks when puppy coats and personalities really begin to shine. :)

July 2018 Cavapoochon Reservation List:

1. Arielle, NY - Meadow

2. Liz, OH - Rocky

3. Jennifer, SC - Theo

4. Michelle, WI - Carson

5. Ellie, MI - Grayson

6. Joely, MT - Luna

7. Kristin, CT - Tucker

8. Tara, IL - Sawyer

9. Navya, NY - Hudson

10. Charlene, MA - Chipper

11. Stewart, DC - Easton

Keep up to date on their pictures as they grow on our Instagram page.

Bluebell Pup

It is our pleasure to raise your fur babies!

Warm Wags, Liz, Isaac, baby and all of our doggies