Cavapoochon Puppy Facts

Let's start with the basics of what makes a Cavapoochon special.

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I am quarter Cavalier, quarter Bichon Frise, and half Toy Poodle. ( Keep scrolling to meet our Bluebell puppy parents at the bottom of this page.) I have my parent's qualities of cuddly sweetness, devotion, loyalty and those poodle smarts we all know about.  Because I am a people pleaser and those poodle smart (Thanks Papa Fergie!), I will be easy to train! Making friends also comes rather easy. Cavapoochons are sociable and enjoy people and other dogs no matter how small or big (and even cats)!

Meet your new little fur love.

My Cavapoochon siblings and I are becoming quite popular and are called "Forever Young" because we keep our puppy looks into adulthood. Many call us real live stuffed teddy bears.

bluebell puppy cavapoochon


Red, Apricot (sometimes a puppy cream at first), and occasionally a Sable. Some of us pups have a white chest and face because of our father, Fergie.


A dog that won't make you sneeze!

If you are allergic to most dogs, you can still bring a Cavapoochon puppy home! Thanks to my parents, I'm hypoallergenic! Being half Toy Poodle, quarter Bichon Frise and quarter Cavalier, my coat is beautifully soft, wavy/curly, easy to maintain and friendly to those with allergies. It isn't easy being allergic to dogs. Cavapoochons are pretty amazing for catering to those allergic noses that get in the way between puppy love.



Our life expectancy is around 12-15 years. Here at Bluebell Pup, we begin life with high quality puppy food, supplements (Nuvet) and probiotics from the very start to give us the best start for a happy healthy life. Continuation of proper exercise, nutritious food and supplements are all key to helping your Cavapoochon pup live a full life. 

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I am a dog that can cuddle on the couch while also play with the kids, perfect for traveling.

  • 9 - 12 lbs We will have a litter or two a year of puppies this size, with our larger mommas having puppies this size occasionally as well. Fergie, our daddy, is 9 lbs.

  • 12 - 15 lbs Most of our Cavapoochon puppies will be 12-15 lbs full grown adult weight, mini sized.

  • 15 - 20 lbs Occasionally, a puppy will be expected to be up to 18 to 20 lbs, perfect for larger families, or a puppy parent that dreams of exercise with their pup.


Dog Coat - Curly or Wavy

My cavachon mom’s hair is wavy, and my toy poodle’s dad’s hair is curly. Mine will most likely be in the middle. Some puppies have more wave, and some have more curls. Here are some examples below:

Cavapoochon Coat Care

Coat care can be easy. - Because I have hair, not fur, you will not find my hair residing in between the couch cushions and on your black sweater. When I mature from a puppy into a adult, expect a coat change that can be easily maintained with brushing and bathing with Agatha’s Organic Luxury Lather and Coat Conditioner. Conditioner is a must and keeps my hair silky and soft, just like yours. Brushing daily helps keep my hair tangle free. Grooming is best done around every 6 weeks if you’d like to keep my hair shorter, easily knot free and certain style. Ps... Momma Liz loves the teddy bear cut! Expect to get compliments from my groomer because of my beautiful Cavapoochon coat.



Here is what our Bluebell Pup Families have to say about their Cavapoochons' personalities :

Sweet Lily was up playing playing playing... then she went into her kennel to take a nap🐶... she is the sweetest puppy ever..
— Tana
Winston is the best!! He is so cute and lovable!! He is perfect!! I can not tell you how many compliments we get about him, how good he is, and how much we all love him!!
— Pam
Hi Momma Liz! I had my 4 month birthday a few days ago and I’m the happiest, cutest puppy in the neighborhood.  I love to sit, stay, lay down, go fishing, play with kids, fetch and take bike rides. Thanks for raising me to be such a healthy happy puppy. - Gus - We love Gus so much and are constantly reminded of what an amazing dog he is. - Gus will be getting a sibling before long!
— Jorie

Doesn't Gus look so dapper in his family's election photo?! 😍 #cavapoochon

A post shared by Bluebell Pup (@bluebellpuppies) on

A post shared by Bluebell Pup (@bluebellpuppies) on

George and Sophie are my little loves. Best friends, George assuming the role of big brother/teacher. Sophie gets spayed next week and so both got haircuts this morning. They have so much fun romping in the yard together. George’s brindle coat is luxuriously soft and thick. He is always happy and loves to play. Sophie is more delicate and is my snuggle-bunny. They both turn heads wherever we go!
— Susan
Linus (yes my kids picked them to name him Linus which makes me giggle) hasn’t missed a beat.  He has adjusted well to all the kids as well as our two Goldens.  My goldens just can’t quite figure out how to play with him yet but they enjoy laying next to each other and watching Linus running around and barking at them.  We have all fallen completely head over heels. So much I said to my husband I want a second :)

Commonly Asked Questions: 

  1. Do Cavapoochons bark excessively? - NO. They are not high barkers, but if encouraged they will be a "guard dog" to alert you when someone is at the door. Be reminded that young puppies easily mirror the actions and behaviors of other dogs around them. Be sure to be vigilant in giving your young puppy the right dog mentors to look up to and learn good habits from.

  2. Are Cavapoochons good with other dogs? - YES. Many of our past puppies have dog siblings that are of different breeds and sizes. We do recommend that dogs are paired in male and female, male and male. Two females sometimes do get along well if one decides to be territorial as they had the run of the home first. Sometimes though a gentle natured female does not mind another female joining the home.

  3. Are underbites considered a health problem? - NO. Underbites are common in Cavalier breeds and are not considered a health problem. If a puppy has an underbite, it will be minimal and not intrusive.

  4. Is my lifestyle important to consider when brining home a Cavapoochon puppy? Yes, Cavapoochons do very well in homes where they will have interaction with other dogs and humans. Especially in the puppy stage, they do not do well if left alone all day long. If you are gone from home for work, be sure to set up a puppy support system around you for dog walks, potty breaks and socialization. Your puppy will need you or someone home those first few weeks to help them continue and excel at crate and house training.