Cavapoochon Puppy Reservation 2019

Cavapoochon puppy
Cavapoochon puppy

Cavapoochon Puppy Reservation 2019


Congratulations on reserving a Bluebell Cavapoochon puppy! Your puppy looks forward to coming to his or hers "Forever Home" with YOU! 

The Puppy Reservation fee will put you on our reservation list for our litter, as well as count towards the total price of your puppy. We will start making matches at 6 weeks when puppy coats and personalities begin to shine. We will begin with our first reservation family and move downward, giving each family 24 hours to make their puppy choice.

If an unforeseen situation should occur and your puppy is not ready as was expected, the puppy reservation fee may be returned and your name taken off the reservation list, if you so choose. 

The puppy reservation fee is refundable.

Thank you for choosing Bluebell Puppies! It is an honor to raise your beautiful puppy! 

Warm Wags, Liz Young

*First pick is ultimately determined by the date of reservation and contact. We will go in order of our reservation list.

Reserve My Puppy

Please note:

We reserve the right to refuse and refund a reservation or puppy buy at any time. And we do not need to give a reason. We need to feel a peace about the homes our puppies are going to. Our puppies require patience, kindness, stability and structure. And they will give back a lifetime of love and loyalty. If at any time during, we do not feel at peace with a situation for our puppy, we will refund the full amount and will wish you the best as you search for the puppy meant for you. It saddens us that we have to clarify this.  But our puppies are our fur babies, and we need to feel good about their future parents and homes.