Here are our doggie parents. They are best of friends and our family pets. I have tried to touch on at least one sweet attribute of each.  Meet our doggie stars! 

Fergie - aka  "Fergason" 

Fergie is our Red Toy Poodle Male. He is the puppy daddy! He enjoys antlers and treats, would rather be cuddling with Mom on the couch than anything else and loves to be the center of attention. He is a sweet boy and has stolen all our hearts. He also loves the camera, just look at him posing ever so adorably! 


Fancy is our Blenheim Cavachon Female. She is our fun loving, sweet-hearted girl. Fancy enjoys snacking on carrots and whatever vegetables Mom is cooking with during meal time. Napping with mommy is her favorite pastime. She has a heart of  gold that shines through in her desire to please Mom above all else. Her BFF is Annie, the long haired dachshund.  You can follow their adventures HERE on Instagram


Callie is our Blenheim Cavachon Female. She is very much a people pleaser and loves to make Mom happy. Her favorite toy to chew on are the split elk antlers that Mom likes to keep on hand for the dogs. 


Susie is our Blenheim Cavachon Female. A true softy is what Susie is. What sweetheart! She loves to play with her playmates but perhaps even more loves to roll over and get belly rubs as she climbs into Mom's lap where she turns to utter Cavachon bliss.  


Rosie is our only Sable and white Cavachon Female.  She is spunky yet sweet. Her personality carries the softness of the Cavachon nature and while also the love for life! As much as she loves to romp around with her doggie playmates, she settles right down for a nap.  


Olive is our Blenheim Cavachon Female with a sweet and quiet soul. Ever since she was a little pup she impressed us with her desire to please. She was a natural at house training. We adore her mild yet playful nature. Her and Susie have become quite close friends.

cavapoochon parents