Pickup Instructions

Hand Delivery

If you are picking your puppy up from the airport via hand delivery: The puppy nanny, you and I will be on the same thread of text messages all day long to keep in contact and updated on your puppy's arrival home and into your arms. The puppy nanny and your puppy will meet you at the arrivals gate of the airline he or she will be using. Puppy will come with her puppy kit (harness included!), baggie of food, Health Certificate and Health Record. Be sure to bring a bowl for water and food, a carrier - hard or soft for the car ride, and Agatha's Elixir to give a teaspoon size. Puppies love the taste, and it helps with the travel jitters and nerves. My husband Isaac, or MIL Teresa or Bluebell helper Ally hand delivers our puppies, but sometimes we use a TLC Flight Nanny. The typical cost for hand delivery is $300-$500 to cover the cost of the plane tickets. The sooner we book these flights the better.

Local Pick Up

If you are picking puppy up locally for a drive home, be sure to bring a carrier as well a towel for “bedding”, a bowl for water and food also. Agatha’s Elixir is a must to keep puppy’s blood sugar levels up during the stress of travel. Small puppies truly do feel stress when traveling no matter what kind of travel. Your puppy will come with  the Puppy kit. 

  • Note for Belle’s puppies arrival home: Our Callie is expecting her puppies on February 11th, and we sadly cannot have visitors while we have newborn puppies during that time for several weeks. This is a precaution to keep our puppies as healthy as possible while immune systems are growing.

Airport Fly In

If you will be meeting your puppy locally at the Cleveland or Columbus airport be sure to bring a pet carrier that is approved by your airline, a towel for inside the carrier and a small bowl for water.  The small Sherpa Pet Carrier has a Guaranteed on Board program that takes the stress and research out of choosing the right carrier for your flight. If you purchase the small or medium carrier you click a link to almost every major airline and enter your flight information. You can then print a certificate that you show at the gate which guarantees your puppies (1 or 2 per carrier) will be allowed on as “carry on.” If you are denied they refund the cost of your ticket and your pet travel fees.  Purchase HERE  Your puppy will come with the Puppy kit, which will include his/her Health Certificate from our Vet.

Please carry your puppy around in a bag or in your arms during the first few weeks when you are in town, to keep puppy socialized. Puppy will need all his vaccines before being allowed to walk on sidewalks and such. Choose low traffic areas to let puppy go potty. 

Puppy Kit

Your puppy kit will contain lots of goodies for the new addition. You'll find:

  • A snazzy new leash & harness.

  • Stuffed animal friend toys that your puppy will treasure (watch and see, they smell like home)

  • A week's supply of two supplements (you'll need to order more NuVet Plus and Advanced Probiotic now) You can order a supply of NuVet Plus with the CODE 12246 for 15% off autoship. Begin giving your pup half of a scoop for the first week and then move to a full scoop gradually. It tastes like a treat, and at Bluebell Pup, every puppy and parent dog gets their powder daily over breakfast.

  • A tiny bit of puppy food (there's a strict weight limit on the puppy kit so be sure to have your puppy food on hand, I prefer to use the 16 ounces allowed to other puppy essentials and keep the food to a minimum. THIS COMES WITH YOUR PUPPY NOT MAILED AHEAD OF TIME.

  • Your puppy's vaccination & deworming record as well as a health certificate from our veterinarian.

Puppy Food

best puppy food

Our puppies and dogs are fed Natural Balance LID small breed bites for puppies.  I believe that is the best choice on the market.

We purchase our puppy food off of Amazon (so easy!), and it is available at PetValu, Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus. Call your local Pet store for availability.  Your puppy will arrive with a small bag of food for starters (as much as the airline allows).

Puppy Vitamins

We begin supplementing your puppies from day one with Nuvet Plus and Probiotics and ask that you continue. Puppies have a hard world to adjust to filled with toxins and needful vaccines. Please continue supporting their immune system.

Your puppy (at 7 weeks of age) has been enjoying a Nuvet plus powder of his or her breakfast every morning. They LOVE the taste! Continuing NuVet Plus is important to helping your puppy continue to grow into a healthy and happy adult. Puppies also get a scoop of Agatha's Advanced Probiotics (found on amazon)- the best pet probiotics on the market for potency and diverse strains.

Order Nuvet Plus HERE.



Your puppy will eat three times a day, usually ¼ to a ⅓ of a cup per feeding.  I recommend taking away any food your puppy hasn’t eaten after about 15 minutes, to help with keeping potty training on track.  You’ll offer a full feeding the next meal, always taking the food away after 15 minutes or so (of course if you’re puppy is still munching away, you can increase that time until she finishes. Expect the first days for puppy to not have much of an appetite. That is completely normal.

The goal is for your puppy to have a bit of extra food left over each meal.  Most puppies are real nibblers and some meals eat very little, some meals the whole bowl, this is perfectly normal.  Usually a potty break is in order about 10 mins after she eats. Note:  It helps to keep feeding times as distraction free as possible. Like kids they find it hard to focus and finish their dinner if there are more interesting things going on around them. Even sit on the floor beside baby for the first few feedings to encourage her to nibble a bit more readily.

IMPORTANT: As your puppy grows, you will increase the amount of food per feeding. If she’s licking the dish and looking for more, it means her growing puppy body needs more calories.  Gradually increase the amount per feeding until she begins to leave a few kibbles at each meal.  The goal is for her to have a bit more to eat than she wants, until one year of age, then as your veterinarian advises to keep her fit.

First Night Home

At bedtime, even if she’s asleep, wake her up and take her out one more time, then she should sleep through the night till around 7:00 or so.  Place a jacket or article of clothing you wore over her crate. That will keep your smell near her and comfort her. She can sleep at the end of your bed or in your room. If she fusses and cries, try to use a low, growly voice, and FIRMLY say “No NO! Quiet!”, she’s pretty good, but a baby, so she might miss us!

Our puppies go to bed at 10 pm, potty break at midnight then wake up at 6:30, 7am.

Read more at little puppy training.

I highly recommend reading through this daily routine and implementing in with your puppy. We use it to start your puppy off right. The first week, do not hesitate taking puppy out every hour to the designated puppy potty area. Puppy will thank you as you begin her off with consistency and clarity.

Read more at little puppy training.

Daily Routine

New Puppy Shopping List

New puppy shopping is so much fun but can also be scary! You enjoy shopping and shopping but what if you forget something so very important!? 

Here are my favorite "tried and true" puppy products that you'll wish you had when puppy arrives home.  No need to run around wondering if you are getting the BEST puppy supplies.  

You can pick and choose as you wish. I have included both low and high budget items.  Remember that is much better to be prepared BEFORE puppy arrives home. 


Little Puppy Training Course

Do your puppy homework at www.littlepuppytraining.com!

Password for Bluebell families- GOFETCH

I work hard to be sure every Bluebell puppy has a great start, but now it’s your job to be sure you and everyone in the family are on the same page.  That means doing your puppy homework and spending a bit of time reading through the New Puppy 101 Course to be sure you are ready with open arms for your puppy’s arrival.  New Puppy 101 is full of tips to help you with feeding, house-training, the basics of owning a new puppy. Terry Cross has written this very helpful and insightful course. Here at Bluebell Pup, we follow these training guidelines. 

My goal is that each Bluebell puppy brings PUPPY BLISS to their new family for years and years to come but that is a two-way street!  You must learn how to be the best puppy owner you can be, one who not only loves their new puppy but learns to understand his or her unique personality and how to help your puppy grow into an amazing family companion!


Puppy Contract

Please read our Bluebell Pup puppy contract and send us via mail or email a signed copy.