Bluebell Pup

We are Isaac and Liz Young, dog lovers and Cavapoochon and Shichonpoo breeders living in the heart of beautiful Northern Ohio. What started out as a job with a top Cavachon breeder, became a dream and passion for me. Interacting with the adorable puppies, being around the in and outs of dog breeding, and observing first hand the happy new puppy parents completely in love as they take home their new family companions, instilled the desire, prepared and has led us to where we are today. 

I am happily a full time doggie Mommy with Isaac helping raise these special babies alongside.

Our purpose is to responsibly breed beautiful, loving, well mannered family companions.

We believe in the positive impact a dog can have on its household. Dogs teach us how to love unconditionally, find the fun in every situation, and that naps are necessary for our well being.  A properly trained, beautifully mannered puppy fills our hearts and home with JOY instead of the fear of puppy parenthood. They bring laughter as we share their companionship with our children and friends. That's our dream for our puppy people's home. And we train our puppies from the very beginning so that they have the head start they need to be that perfect puppy for YOU. 

bluebell cavapoochon puppy
cavapoochon puppies

Puppy Nutrition:
We believe that healthy dogs start at puppyhood. Our Cavapoochon and Shichonpoo puppies and parents are fed Natural Balance small breed bites, a high quality, all natural doggie food. They are given the best Probiotics on the market as a daily supplement for their gut health., as well as Nuvet for immune and bone support.  And dog walks are a must. Our wonderful Vet gives routine checks. 

Puppy Socialization:


Puppy Parenthood is a scary thought for many, we understand. From the very beginning of puppyhood, we start our puppies on the right path. Bluebell Cavapoochon and Shichonpoo puppies are loving and easy to train. Our puppies will leave our home at around 10-12 weeks of age, crate trained. At that age, they will be mature for sleeping through the night and potty training.