Congratulations of your Bluebell puppy reservation! 

Welcome to the Bluebell family! This is your puppy journey! Here are some commonly asked questions and ways to prepare for your fur baby's arrival home in just weeks! 

How to stay up to date on puppy pictures? 

Follow along with our puppies on our Instagram account via the app or online here via this link or page.  We do our best to post weekly individual photos, group photos and videos.

When does the puppy selection begin and how? 

When puppies are 6 weeks old we begin the selection process going from the first family and then in order. If you are the first family or notice that the family ahead of you has already made their puppy selection ahead of time, you may choose your puppy before 4 weeks. Each family has 24- 48 hours to select their puppy. I can help by videos, phone calls, video calls, and more pictures. I will also help guide each family  on the puppy or puppies I believe is best for their lifestyle and home situation. In the end, it is entirely you and your family's decision. And many times, it is love at first sight from those sweet newborn photos. 

Can I come visit my puppy?

We do our utmost to keep our puppies safe from germs while they are in this newborn/ growing stage. Their immune systems are still developing, and there are many puppy germs that are easily carried that would compromise their health. That being said, while we have young puppies, we do not have visitors in our home, since our home is where we have our moms and dads and raise our puppies. Once these puppies are 8 weeks old, their immune systems are more developed, and their first booster shots have been administered - you are welcome to schedule a visit to meet your puppy before he or she goes home at 10 weeks of age!

What are my puppy's options for coming home sweet home?

At around 10 weeks of age your puppy will be ready to come home to you. We recommend bringing your puppy into your home at this age as they are more mature for house training, and are ready to bond with you and your family. Occasionally we have puppies stay till they are 11 weeks because of their family's travels. We do not recommend past that, as we have seen that puppies that are "left" till 12 weeks get sad that their siblings all went home. We give them extra love and attention of course, but I can see it in their eyes and actions. They will be fine, but we recommend that puppies begin bonding with your family around 10 weeks of age.

When you know which puppy option your family would like, be sure to email Liz! :) 

Going home options:

1. Airport Delivery - Many puppy parents of ours are able to take the first morning flight into Cleveland or Columbus where we meet them with their puppy. They then take the next flight home with their fur bundle. Please note that United does not accept young puppies.

2. Driving In - You are more than welcome to come and pick up your puppy. We just ask that we do not have any visitors while we have puppies that are under 8 weeks of age, as their immune systems are undeveloped and susceptible. If you do choose this option, be sure that your drive is less than 5 hours for puppy, and you give time to take breaks between. Do not take puppy to doggie relief areas as he or she will not be finished with immunization yet. Grassy areas that have no traffic is best. Long drives can be harder on puppy then flying. Agatha's Elixir is a MUST for long drives. ( found on our puppy shopping list) Also, please refrain from going to dog stores that sell dogs, dog parks or such before coming to our home. We and our puppies thank you! 

3. Meeting up - We have driven halfway or such and met with puppy parents to deliver their puppies.

4. Hand Delivery - We may be able to offer the hand delivery option for our Christmas puppies with the help of family and friends. Please let me know as soon as possible if that is your wanted option. But please understand if we are not able to make it work with schedules. We are also very happy to meet you at CLE or CMH with your puppy for a quick flight in and out. Hand delivery is typically $500+ to cover the cost of tickets and a thank you gift to our puppy nanny who gave their time. Price will vary on cost of plane tickets. We choose the best (hopefully direct) flight into your airport and take puppy with us under our seat. If needed, we hand deliver to your door. The earlier we book our flights to hand deliver your puppy, the better.

5. TLC Flight Nanny- We hire a TLC Puppy Nanny to bring your puppy home to you. Their flat rate is $475, but fly non revenue so days and times change if flights get booked. They have worked well with us to get each puppy home as soon as possible if this happens.

What paperwork do puppies come home with?

Puppies will have a health certificate from our Vet, as well as their first vaccine (Canine Distemper-adenovirus
Type 2-Parainfluenza Parvovirus Vaccine) at 8 weeks of age. They will have a Health Record with their deworming schedule and their first health check up.  

Is it too early to prepare supplies for my puppy?

NO! :) It is never to early to prepare for your fur baby!  Here are a list of our tried and true puppy products:  

Puppy Health

How do we raise your puppy to have the best start possible for a long and healthy life? 

We do start with healthy and proven parents. Good dog food (not the cheap stuff!) is important to us. But one layer that we cannot stress enough is vitamins! We begin supplementing your puppies from day one with Nuvet Plus and Probiotics.

Your puppy (at 7 weeks of age) has been enjoying a Nuvet plus tablet every night in a Kong toy. Nuvet Plus Powder is also an option as they had that first when weaning. They LOVE the taste!  Continuing NuVet Plus is important to helping your puppy continue to grow into a healthy and happy adult.   Puppies also get a scoop of Agatha's Advanced Probiotics - the best pet probiotics on the market for potency and diverse strains. Nuvet Plus and Probiotic link is in our New Puppy Shopping List.

Puppy Training - How do I prepare?! -

Bluebell families get free access to Little Puppy Training - Password “GOFETCH”

We work with each puppy individually several days at a time to get used to being alone and tethered or crated or gated while having potty breaks outside. They are not "house broken " but we give them the start they need to understand and give you the signs that they need to go potty.  Be sure to read (several times) and follow the puppy training tips and rules at Little Puppy Training to understand the start your puppy has been given and how to continue. 

Remember: No carpet! Carpet feels too much like grass. Begin looking at your home and find a spot with a washable surface to place an Xpen for your puppy's "safe place". Read and study on your homework! :)

When is my puppy available for purchase in full?

After your puppy is 8 weeks old, has had his or her first vaccine, and health check up with our Vet, we email you the link to their puppy page with their updated beauty shots and payment request. We use our online payment processing system that accept credit cards. We are unable to accept checks and cash.

We are honored that you would give us the pawsome opportunity to raise your little girl or guy. Don't hesitate to reach out of if have questions or would like a picture (be sure to watch Instagram). Liz will do her best to respond as quickly as she can. :) Our hands are full...but our hearts are fuller! Welcome to the Bluebell family!

Warm Wags, 

Liz and Isaac Young