After looking at literally dozens of puppy contracts, some really weird ones at that, I have attempted to offer a contract that is simple & fair to both the new puppy buyer, and to Isaac and I.  We make every attempt to raise an absolutely beautiful & healthy puppy, who has had the best in vaccine schedule & worming regime.  Puppies are health checked by our veterinarian before shipping & come with a signed health certificate from our veterinarian. My goal is to send a completely healthy puppy to it’s new home.  That being said, with dog breeding, I’ve learned that even with great care and attention to detail, it is possible to have minor issues with a puppy for a variety of reasons.  

Many issues are common in puppies, from hernias to parasites to kennel cough.  Even with regular de-worming, puppies put everything in their little mouths, and it’s not unusual for treatment to prevent parasites in puppies to need to be repeated. 

In the unlikely event that your veterinarian deems that this puppy has a life-threatening genetic condition or virus, we will replace your puppy at no charge as soon as a like puppy becomes available.  In addition, If you were to lose your puppy in the first five years of ownership due to a inherited genetic problem, that puppy will be replaced at no charge to you, as soon as a like puppy becomes available.  

It is in our best interests to provide the new owner with a healthy puppy & happily we have a great success rate. Please note: we do not cover any veterinary costs or give cash as a refund for a puppy.   Also, we ask that the new owner agrees to spay or neuter their puppy by 10 months of age, or when their veterinarian advises.  This will insure the best possible companion animal & give great health benefits to your dog as well.  

Getting a puppy is of course a commitment, and we ask that you are completely sure of giving a puppy a "Forever Home" & are willing to complete routine vaccinations & heart-worm preventative.  Even the best puppies need much supervision & training to develop into reliable adult companions, be patient, but firm, take puppy classes if you are able, & you will be rewarded many times over with a dog who will bring you years of love & loyalty.

Kindest Puppy Regards,                                

I agree to the above terms & conditions:

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Bluebell Puppies                                        
1339 Township Road 1656                                                                                      
Ashland, OH 44805           

If you are purchasing a puppy, please print out a copy of this contract, or mail it to our address above.