Pictures of Bluebell Pup Sophie!

Here Sophie, our only Cavapoochon puppy girl in this litter, is 4 days old! 

Cavapoochon puppy four days old.JPG
Cavapoochon puppy four days old.JPG
cavapoochon puppy girl female

Sophie is 9 days old! 

cavapoochon puppy growth

12 sweet Cavapoochon days old! 

cavapoochon puppy for sale

16 days old and puppy eyes are beginning to open! :) 

21 days old - Cavapoochon puppy snuggle! 

cavapoochon puppies sleeping

25 days old and learning about the world around her! :) Also becoming quite the "snuggler" 

28 sweet Cavapoochon puppy days old

cavapoochon puppy for sale

37 days old - "Helping" Momma Liz focus as she works on the computer. :) 

Sophie is 6 weeks 4 days old! She has us all by the heartstrings...! She loves to play play play but then melts in Momma Liz's arms.